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At The Elphis, we help you to navigate your reintegration into everyday life, so that you feel less daunted by your return to normality. We will empower you to feel as comfortable as possible with regaining your independence, as you take your next steps to a more fulfilling future.

A residential treatment programme facilitates the first phase of recovery, by addressing the root causes of addiction. You will have been taught the life skills needed to achieve your personal goals, in a safe and supportive environment. However, putting what you have learned into practice in a real-world setting doesn’t always come easily. Addiction is an illness, which can test anybody’s willpower no matter where you are in your journey. You are only human for needing support in moments of weakness.

24 hour support

We will work on sustaining the progress you have already made by facing the real-life tests that you have been preparing for, with our supervision and 24-hour support. By gently managing your exposure to situations which may test your newfound strength, we help you to practically prepare for your next chapter. This is reinforced by relapse prevention techniques and supplementary therapy, helping you to continue finding inner peace with anything you still wish to work through.

Our secondary care programme at The Elphis places emphasis on the spirit of community. With an atmosphere of support, we will grow your self-confidence as you embark on treatment with peers who identify with your journey. You will benefit from sharing empathy and encouragement with fellow clients facing challenges just like yours. This underpins every experience you have with us, from group therapy sessions to the comfortable shared living spaces.

Remember that recovery is an ongoing process and we want to help you maintain your faith in a better road ahead. At The Elphis, we wholeheartedly believe that you can accomplish what you thought possible before addiction changed the course of your life.

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