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The Elphis can accommodate you if you have previously completed a 28-day addiction treatment programme, with Priory or any other provider. Our secondary care programme is most effective when undertaken immediately after primary care. This helps to ensure its effectiveness with a seamless transition into the next stage of your recovery.

If it is not possible to enter straight into secondary care, we want to ensure that you feel suitably prepared for treatment. We therefore ask that you have been abstinent for two weeks before being admitted into The Elphis. This means that your mind and body will be ready for the requirements of advancing to your next chapter. We can also help you to re-enter primary treatment for a limited period if necessary.

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Rest assured that we will not rush you into anything you aren’t ready for, and we will make a decision on your recommended next steps based on a day assessment from our expert clinical team. This has the added benefit of allowing you to become familiar with the surroundings of The Elphis and get to know the team. You can bring your family along for the assessment day too, so that everyone is aware of what our programme entails.

If a day assessment is not convenient, we can still discuss your options over a shorter face-to-face assessment or telephone discussion.

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The Elphis are here to listen to you and discuss how we can support you as part of your recovery, please call: 020 8906 7560 or click here to book submit an enquiry form.

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