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Ellis Frost
Addiction Therapist

Ellis Frost

  • Ellis Frost is an experienced integrative psychotherapist at The Elphis
  • She is a trained humanistic therapist as well as a Dance Movement Psychotherapist and therefore she predominantly draws from humanistic, psycho-analytic and art based frameworks
  • Ellis has worked in a range of different settings such as the NHS, charitable organisations, education and the private sector
  • Her initial work began working with trauma survivors, and she has also worked across several schools with children as young as 5, working mainly with children and families with difficult background as well as brain injury clients
  • As her career progressed she began working within the NHS in primary care as a 1-1 therapist treating clients with a range of mental health issues such as depression and anxiety. Through this, Ellis gained a vast knowledge and understanding of working with clients seeking asylum within the UK
  • During and after her Dance Movement Psychotherapy training (MA) alongside trauma survivors, Ellis began working with the homeless community before progressing onto workshops, group works and 1-1 work within detox and rehabilitation addiction hubs
  • Ellis currently works with young people alongside secondary care addiction work to compliment her private practice
  • She is an integrative supervisor and has been working with a range of supervisees towards the latter of this current year
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